you are my second Love

“Wahyu, when will your holiday come?, you should back to home, I want to meet and talk with you”,

My mother sent SMS for me a month ago.

This 1st semester holiday, I am not back to home again. There are something to do. At December I must be committee of Gamais integrated training also an internal daurah (amny) for ADK 2010. Then I must finish my final project proposal. At January I still continue doing my final project proposal. I also become athlete for KM ITB Olympic. Volley ball, chess, football and table tennis was sport that I joined. I have many hobby and my friends at HMF choose me for joining the Olympic. So I must stand by at bandung until the Olympic end.A ctually I also can play badminton, swimming, basket ball and futsal. On the time between playing on Olympic, I do a research, the research was funded by dikti. It is a science, technology and art inovation competition and Alhamdulillah my group won the fund. The research is about formulation Cafein gel for trans-apendageal stimulant. I also must attend Gamais final report, being committee of LF, joining SSDK trainer and make an IEC proposal. Some other activities also must to do.

So, at early January I call my mother and said,

” I can’t back to home this holiday, many thing to do. Are our family healthy?? Please pray for me and our family mom…bla bla bla

See u at wisuda on july or October mom, you are my second love after Allah swt & Rasulullah…happy mother day 22 Desember ^_^


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