Opening Ceremony INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM (IYF) 2008. june, 23th 2008

International Youth Forum 2008 was held at Merdeka Building, jl. Asia Afrika Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The forum was planed to be held june, 23rd – 30th 2008. Its theme was “The Role of Youth : action on millennium Development Goals (MDGs) toward a peaceful world”. Approximately 200 youth from 32 country was attend this forum.

Picture 1. participants enjoyed the gendang performance

At 8 am before the participant enter the room, drum band from ITB (MBWG) was action in the front of Merdeka Building, it was make a little traffic jam. After Mr. Dede Yusuf enter the room as west java government, Lingkar Seni Sunda (LSS) ITB was showed their attraction, they perform west java culture, gendang music. Continued with performance from paduan suara UNISBA, but before it MC was spoken the opening speech.

After that was five times speech from different person or institution. The first was speech from IYF comitee, Mr. Apep fajar Nurdiawan, he was talk about IYF mission that the forum is held in order to facilitate youth over the world to discuss, brainstorming, etc to make a better world. Second speech was spoken by representative of the Indonesian ministry of youth and sport, Mrs. Adiaty. She hope all participant can explore any challenge, be innovative and creative, she also told us that globalization can cause multidimensional conflict and the last but not the least she hope friendship will be built in this forum.The speech was continued by mr. Habib, Mr. Keith Harridas and the last was Mr. Dede yusuf. The three speaker generally told us about Asia Africa conference with it Dasasila Bandung, imternationa change, and visionary leadership, and Mr. Dede Yusuf give the speech that the forum was opened. At 10.15 am the speech was finished and continued with angklung performance by keluarga paduan angklung SMAN 3 Bandung, it was a very great attraction.

After coffee break all participants was brought to look Asia Africa museum that built beside the Merdeka Building. There were many historical thing in the room, like kamera used to get picture when Asia Africa conference was held in Bandung, old newspapers, table, many photo, international agreement etc.

Picture 2, museum property

Satisfied enjoyed the historical museum, the guide told us to lunch before went home. Then we were lunch and after that we went to home with many experiences to meet foreign.

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Wahyu eko widodo (16207102)

farmasi ITB 2007.kader muda gamais


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